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Mindset is Everything!

The right mindset can unleash that amazing best version of yourself capable of achieving anything.

What’s holding people back from living their dreams is NOT another strategy, tool, or skill…but their limiting beliefs causing doubt and fear so they unknowingly operate from a mindset in opposition to their goals.

Visionary entrepreneurs, elite athletes, business owners and top performers all understand that getting to the next level of success in any area of life first requires a change in mindset.

But simply knowing the importance of mindset is significantly different than understanding how to actually change your thinking which is why I created Mindset Freedom to empower others so they can thrive both personally and professionally. 


Keynote: Mindset Freedom

The 5 Steps for Creating Your Best Life!


Ideal Audience: Corporations, Organizations, Universities and General Audiences. This self empowerment Keynote can be tailored towards Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Personal Development or any specific Industry focus.

Value: Mindset transformation is about taking full ownership of one’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions providing increased clarity, direction and confidence leading to greater focus, positivity and overall productivity.

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What people are saying...

Bob Graham

Johns Hopkins University

Luke Harlan provided the Master's Students with many valuable insights and lessons from real-world experience. He struck the perfect note with these students encouraging discussion and debate. His presentation style and his willingness to answer all questions gave them a much richer appreciation for the subject matter and how it can effectively tie into their lives completely.

Dr. Stevie Watson

Bowie State University

Mr. Harlan is not only an inspirational speaker, but also a transformation expert at helping people maximize their potential through self awareness and developing a growth mindset. His desire to help others serves as a blueprint for what future college graduates need to succeed in today's business world: tenacity, innovativeness, life-long learning, creativity, and adaptability.

Joseph Zuccaro

Towson University

Luke spoke to my management class about the critical importance of developing relationships, networking and utilizing online platforms effectively. His enthusiasm on sharing his knowledge was evident and he held the attention of full time working students. His poise, speaking voice, gestures and the content of his talk were very impressive and look forward to having him back next semester.

Luke’s message is empowering, direct, honest, positive and personal.

He believes that there is greatness in everyone and it shows in how he speaks. When you are ready to look into the mirror, accept who you were (ego, mistakes, flaws and all), then let the past go and seek to become who you know you were meant to be…you’ll be able to create the life that you deserve.

Speaking Topics

  • Awakening Your Genius
  • Bulletproof Confidence
  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs
  • Conquering Fear & Self Doubt
  • Discovering Your Infinite Potential
  • Emotional Mismanagement
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Goals & Vision Setting
  • Growth vs Fixed Mindset
  • Habit Installation -1% Better
  • Productivity & Peak Performance
  • Self Awareness & Accountability
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Luke resonates with individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds, and organizations of all types.

From universities, corporations, associations and beyond, Luke’s message is sure to awaken and inspire anyone ready to be more and do more with their lives by embracing the shifts to gain complete Mindset Freedom.

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More from attendees...

"Luke really understood what life lessons would be beneficial to our audience, and connected on a meaningful level." - Erika M.

"The audience loved his charisma, wit, and industry knowledge. I can’t thank Luke enough for inspiring them." - Karen K.

"Luke connected personally to each individual in the audience and demonstrated exceptional professionalism." - Donna P.

Keynotes -  Podcast Interviews - Custom Talks

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