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How Men Can Achieve Success in All Areas with Brian Pannuzzo

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Amazing discussion on Brian Pannuzzo's The Success Life Podcast 

We went into several actionable habits you can start practicing today to:

  • Take better care of your body and health
  • Improve the way you think about your own potential
  • Achieve evergreen success in all areas of life.

 Key Highlights

  • Luke explains that in order to help other men, first he had to let go of the things that were holding him back, starting with his weight;
  • Luke talks about a period in his life where he was careless with his own health, but was able to recognize that he needed help and was surprised with the amount of support he ended up getting;
  • All of your success is the result of your own effort. The words you use to describe your potential and the thoughts you have when thinking about your goals also play a major role in it;
  • We first need to identify what’s happening inside (internal shifts) to create true changes outside (external shifts) and this gets easier and easier with practice.

You can check out the podcast episode “Inspire & Empower with Luke Harlan” here:


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